Our Mission

ACCES-LIVRES’s primary mission is to promote the acquisition of cutting-edge business knowledge through self-training at all hierarchical levels.

Our service is distinguished by its accessibility, diversity and mobility.

You can borrow books using a simple and efficient “checkout” system that makes them available to you, just as a library would. Once the system is set up, you order the books that interest you, and we place them on display in a visible area of your workplace.

You can consult our database of titles, as well as a brief description of their content under the “Library” section. We cover a broad range of subjects such as: management, leadership, professional and personal development, human resources and employment, project management, sales, marketing and communications, operations, production and QA, health, well-being and nutrition, finance, and biographies. We don’t have the book you want? Just ask us!

If you wish, you can make your monthly reservations “online” from a list of available titles and then send us your order so we can prepare it for you. We will then go to your workplace on a pre-set date to exchange the books you wish to replace.